Visual art, design, and product development

Visual art production

Contemporary digital fine art 2D-printing and 3D-printed sculpture production with co-operation of best contemporary artists worldwide.

Visual design

Interior designing services to use fine art in private and public spaces as well as site-specific artwork productions.

Product development

Product development for combining fine art with architectural products using 2D and 3D printing techniques.

Fine art production

Bohem Studio produces digital fine art prints made by professional visual artists. The goal of digital art production is to allow architects and interior designers more easy to adapt fine art for interior and exterior architectural projects.

We produce high-quality prints on paper, wallpaper, and several hard plate materials like for glass, metal, and wood for example. The development of 3D material printing enables the cost-effective production of sculptures, and the large-scale 3D printed sculpture production for urban spaces.

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Visual design services

Bohem Studio makes unforeseen design for your space.

Art prints are suitable for both home and office and hotel and restaurant interiors, and large-size prints can create a spectacular look architectural sites.

Susa Tyrniluoto

CEO, artist, product developer

P. +358 (0)41 502 3651

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